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 The common misconception

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The common misconception Empty
PostSubject: The common misconception   The common misconception EmptyTue May 26, 2009 6:06 am

Hi, alot of people are making a common misconception that the purpose of this forum is to drive traffic away from clan forums, and may be hesitating to join these forums for that reason, or even possibly post on these forums. While the forum may drive traffic away from clan forums for the time being, this is not why this forum was brought to life.

This forum is a very small part, of an effort to increase community numbers for Crysis in the Australian and New Zealand community. This region however does seem small, and some players from say Japan or Singapore can hit decent ping to these forums, so i am considering making these forums the Crysis Pacific Forums.

Back to where the traffic goes, yes some or maybe a fair amount of traffic will be directed away from your clan forums for the time being while we have small numbers in the community. For AoS Forums, i see the forums being less active as not such a bad thing, if the rewards pay off later on.

Alot of people may be wondering, how the fuck does a forum help increase players numbers? Well, it doesnt increase player numbers by alot if at all does it, thats what the game and community does. Though, say we get a new player, and he is wondering, how the fuck do you play this game? There are alot of players out there who wont bother learning a whole new style so they go back off to another game. Hopefully with some in game tips on these forums, very very soon, new players who are directed to these forums can get a tip or two and actually try things out.

So i have taken notice that all i have been talking about is what the purpose of these forums is not. How about what the purpose is. Well when this forum was started up, it was of the intention of the founders that these forums should be in place to increase communication between players as a whole so that way when a new player does come to these forums they can actually see that there is something going on in the community.

I think thats all i have to say about that for the time being though if anyone has anything to add the feel free to do so, i will be looking forward to a twice as lengthy post from Dog, as he likes to be a stain like that Razz

I dont rage quit!
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The common misconception
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