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 Balanced Games

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PostSubject: Balanced Games   Balanced Games EmptyFri May 22, 2009 7:02 am

Hey guys,

Just a thought to ponder here, but how many games are played now both PS and TIA when the games become monstrously un-balanced within minutes. All it takes is 2 decent players on the one team or for someone to hop into a VTOL (or worse 2 in 2 separate VTOLS) and then it's pretty much goodnight until auto team changer manages to fluke moving one of the dominant players to the struggling team.

It usually boils down to someone leaving half way through a match and then woooooooooooooah it then leans the other way.

Is a SINGLE player soo important in one side? What do you think it is that makes the difference. Are you more confident with say Dan, Hope or Wounded on your team? Do they make you play better, do you stick with them and help them?

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Balanced Games
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