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 Crysis Wars Hawkeye Edition Mod

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Crysis Wars Hawkeye Edition Mod Empty
PostSubject: Crysis Wars Hawkeye Edition Mod   Crysis Wars Hawkeye Edition Mod EmptyTue May 19, 2009 2:29 am

Hi guys this is a mod made by the creator of SSM, Hawkeye. Pretty much this mod combines Crysis and Crysis Wars to create on awesome mod. Here are the details of the mod.

Home Page:

Mod Patch Details:

Quote :
Planned changes for upcoming versions:
Note: these features are planned, but there is no guarantee that they are even feasible. If it turns out a feature cannot be implemented easy enough, it will be dropped without notice.

•bringing back old alternating dual wield
•return to old Crysis weapon balance and only do tiny tweaks on it
•reduce volume of cloak sound
•return to old PS objective icons (outlined diamond instead of filled as in Wars) Ideally the implementation would allow players to set transparency for the diamond fill as graphics option on their client.
•in PS synchronize buylist prices (and maybe contents) between server and client (for better experience on modded servers)
•synchronize weapon characteristics (recoil, spread, etc.) between server and client (to allow server side control over these parameters)
•rewrite all code that handles weapon's fire and zoom modes and accessories, to eventually get rid of any and all no-recoil and/or scope related glitches
•add Domination game rules.
•add Capture The Flag game rules. (If someone can provide a flag as weapon/item including animations for first and third person.)
•make parachuting more realistic, maybe even add thermal lift (either placed by map editor or emulated according to terrain).
•allow game rules (like PS) to put rank insignia on uniform, for example on shoulder or the back of the head.
•allow players to put clan insignia on their uniform, for example on shoulders, chest or back

Version 0v13 - 2009-04-25

•removed third person geometry from nightvision (fixes yellow balls when spawning nightvision)
•added CVar 'he_setInstaGibWeapon'. If set, maps for IA, TIA or KOTH can be played in InstaGib mode. Currently the only value supported is "InstaGauss". The insta-weapon will be fully equipped with all accessories, but 'i_restrictItems' can be used to further restrict accessories. All normal weapons, all ammo and the GrenadeLauncher accessory are automatically restricted in InstaGib mode.
•fixed a typo in the KOTH scoreboard
•fixed a bug where the mouse cursor was misaligned with flash animations (especially noticeable on higher resolutions in buy menu).
•added a workaroundto fix the 'cursor in game' bug. If you happen to have the mouse cursor showing up while being in game, then just open a modal in-game dialog, like the PDA map or the buy menu, and close it again and the mouse cursor should be hidden again.
•KOTH game rules now utilizes radar minimap. The king is additionally marked as main objective, so that even if he is outside of the visible map area, there will be a green arrow pointing in his direction.
•KOTH game rules now utilizes objectives tab (on the left side when showing map).

Version 0v12 - 2009-04-16

•added i18n support
•added King Of The Hill game rules.
•changing the 'he_suitIndex*' CVars on the server will now immediately change the suit skins appropriately.

Version 0v11 - 2009-04-13

•Added CVar 'he_scaleZoomSpeed' that controls speed reduction during zoom. Default is now 0.8, while Crysis&Wars would have used 0.35. The CVar is locked like other movement related CVars.
•Fixed a regression bug, that crashed the client when firing a vehicle mounted weapon.
•Jumps in speed mode now only drain energy if the player is also moving at the same time.
•In addition to health now also energy is displayed when spectating a player.
•Fixed color of the mouse cursor to match HUD color.
•Vehicles can now be protected from any damage (except maybe freeze) until entered for the first time. (Fixes the explosion ping pong when cars spawn close to each other, also protects new built vehicles until used for the first time.)
•added CVar 'he_enableVehicleSpawnProtection' to allow server admins to control wether they want vehicle spawn protection or not (see above).
•Tweaked cars back towards old Crysis 1 handling, however damage balancing is not done yet.
•added CVars 'he_suitIndexNK' and 'he_suitIndexUS' to allow server admins to choose between US or NK model and different skins for teams in PS and TIA. -1 disabled (default), even values skinned US suits, odd values skinned NK suits. This CVar is best used in levelrotations to choose skins appropriate for a map. There still is a bug, where you wont see the correct skins right after joining a game.
•added CVar 'he_enableCloakShadow' that controls wether players cast a shadow while being cloaked or not. By default the shadow is now disabled, so there is no difference regardless of the graphics settings.
•removed all code for first person spectating. This feature may return after a first official 1.0 release.

Version 0v10 - 2009-04-07

•worked around a bug in Gamespy server announcements (see ).
•added CVar 'he_enableScopeToggle' to give players control wether they want scope sights to work as toggle (default) or only while zoom key is pressed.
•replaced the first attempt to rebalance strafe/circle jumps (the midair energy consumption), with a second attempt. Now jumps with speed+sprint will consume more energy like strength jumps always did.
•added several CVars 'he_*JumpEnergyConsumption' that control the energy consumption for nanomode jumps. Currently the values are locked.
•tag names of enemies will now be shown not only after hits but also as soon as they are under the crosshair

Version 0v09 - 2009-04-06

•added CVar 'he_tryFirstPersonSpectate' to allow players to enable the first person spectate feature and try it out as far as it is already implemented. It is now disabled by default and will probably remain that way until after the first official release, when work on that feature will continue.
•fixed the font embedding on the options menu to include (hopefully) all Latin-I characters.
•added CVar 'he_suitIndexIA' to allow server admins to choose between US or NK model and different skins. -1 disabled (default), even values skinned US suits, odd values skinned NK suits (well would be, but it seems no one in the community ever created skins for NK suits). This CVar is best used in levelrotations to choose skins appropriate for a map. Similar options for TIA and PS will follow. There still is a bug, where you wont see the correct skins right after joining a game.
•fixed a few bugs with DX9 physics lite

Version 0v08 - 2009-04-04

•fixed a regression bug where shooting through rails when very close to them was no longer possible (as in Crysis). Not it is possible again (as in Wars).
•added a very crude version of first person spectating. It was added mainly to demonstrate how icky a first person spectate would be due to inevitable latency between spectatee's movement and spectator's interpolation thereof. The fpspec mode is already very accurate in following the movements and look direction of spectatee, this would not get any better, even if the code for fpspec would be completed. What the current crude implementation does not right (among other things) is: eye position is actually higher than in real first person view, the model of the spectatee is incomplete (missing upper body; look at the shadows) and not well synchronized, weapon aim direction and look at direction do not match and hence the weapon points usually to a point above and to the left to the actual crosshair position. Also the HUD is still the normal spectate HUD. These things could probably be fixed with a lot of new code, the latency problem however can not. So take this version of the fpspec as a technical demo, that will probably be disabled again in the next versions until this feature is either dropped completely or there is time to do the necessary additional code.
•reenabled fields for leanleft/-right keyboard settings.
•Installer now creates a desktop shortcut.

Version 0v07 - 2009-03-30

•fixed a few bugs in the SSM Aegis Patch. chat command and SSM chat logging are disabled for now, these feature need a rewrite.
•speedmode+sprint now always consumes energy, even midair between jumps. This is a first attempt to rebalance strafe/circle jumps, which is what we think Crytek should have done, instead of eliminating the wall jump.
•LAMs no longer reduce spread
•Weapons (mostly hand guns) damage has been raised to Crysis levels, except for few like GaussRifle, that have been tweaked to a value between Wars and Crysis. Many vehicle weapons, however, still need to be modified; their changes will be in a future version.
•added CVar 'he_meleeDamage' to allow server admins to control melee damage without needing SSM or a similar tool. A negative value disables the override (default), zero or any positiv value is the damage to use to override melee.

Version 0v06 - 2009-03-29

•added CVar 'he_enablePhysicsLite' to allow server admins to enable physics 'lite'. Physics lite is now disabled by default and will remain that way, until some bugyy behavior with joining a game after objects have been moved has been resolved. An (unsatisfactory) workaround is included in this version. The feature may be removed completely in a future version if this cannot be resolved with satisfying fix.
•the installer now allows to force installing x64 binaries even on 32-Bit Systems
•the installer now allows to extract a patched version of SSM Aegis 1.2.1, which should work with Hawkeye Edition. NO SUPPORT!

Version 0v05 - 2009-03-28

•fixed a bug where the quick game feature attempted to connect to servers not running the correct mod and version.
•added CVar 'he_hideInGameChat' to give players control wether they want to see chat messages in-game or not.
•enabled DX9 physics 'lite'. Objects like barrels or fuel tanks are physicalized. However no breakable joints and no damage on vegetation.
•added CVar 'he_scaleTimeOfDay' to allow server admins to easily control speed of time of day. The value is a multiplier to real timee. sv_timeofdayenable now also works on DX9.

Version 0v04 - 2009-03-27

•added CVar 'he_scaleWallJump' to give admins control wether they want to allow wall jumps or not.
•fixed a bug where the laser dot was not shown on certain objects
•fixed a bug where the weapon was not raised when the player is close to certain objects, this also affected walljumps
•added CVar 'he_allowLeanControls' to give admins control wether they want to allow leanleft/-right.

Version 0v03 - 2009-03-26

•added CVar 'he_allowUnrestrictedChat' to en-/disable chat restrictions (In restricted mode dead players and spectators cant talk to alive players.)
•received chat messages are now properly logged into the console
•increased recoil to almost old Crysis levels
•reenabled lean, however keyboard setup for lean is still missing. Use default keys or change actionmaps.xml manually.
•mod name at bottom of screen now uses longer displayname instead of internal name.

Version 0v02 - 2009-03-25

•fixed the SDK mouse cursor bug
•fixed bug which connected voting CVars to impulse from bullet hits
•reenabled damage from abandoned vehicles
•reset damage multipliers to body parts to Crysis values, e.g. 2.25 for head shots
•reset ammo capacity for scar grenades, C4 and TAC shells to Crysis values
•reset armor mode damage absorbtion to Crysis values
•reset PS prices and build times to Crysis values
•made auto turrets in PS vulnerable again and as powerfull as in Crysis
•made MP strafing again as fast as in Crysis
•dont hide server if mod version does not match (new mod versions should be more visible to players)
•in PS partial hits on HQ reenabled
•reset melee and endgame weapons to Crysis strength and behavior
•tweaked shotgun, less shots per minute but also less drop per meter, full damage for 10m then linear decrease to zero damage at 30m (Wars:20m,Crysis:128m)
•added CVar 'he_allowNameChange' to en-/disable 'name' command from server side

Version 0v01 - 2009-03-24

•brought back wall jumps
•reset CVars to Crysis defaults (e.g. g_suitRecoilEnergyCost, g_playerSuitHealthRegenTime)
•reenabled 'name' console command
•reenabled cloak energy drain while standing still
•reenabled radar scan showing cloaked players
•reenabled Crysis style tag names
Features that will not be added, but people asked for:
Note: stop asking for these features, they will never be added to the mod. Not even if you provide the code for them (unless mentioned otherwise below).

•return to old Crysis blue sparkling cloak effect (seems impossible to do with SDK, but if you can provide working code&assets for it, I will certainly include it.)
This site/project is not endorsed by or affiliated with Crytek or Electronic Arts. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Game content copyright Crytek.

By downloading any version of Hawkeye Edition Mod for Crysis Wars you agree to be bound by the terms of this CRYSIS WARS SDK LICENSE AGREEMENT and by the license for the full version of the Software Games CRYSIS WARHEAD and CRYSIS WARS (the "CRYSIS WARHEAD/CRYSIS WARS Licenses").

Download Link:

Hawkeye Edition Download

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Crysis Wars Hawkeye Edition Mod Empty
PostSubject: Re: Crysis Wars Hawkeye Edition Mod   Crysis Wars Hawkeye Edition Mod EmptyTue May 19, 2009 7:06 am

Only bad thing is no one uses it. and its too annoying to change it so you can find ones with the mod on
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Crysis Wars Hawkeye Edition Mod
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