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 Gain of SP

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PostSubject: Gain of SP   Gain of SP EmptyFri May 15, 2009 4:44 pm

Okay I played through Crysis 1 but never played it MP.

Why? because the Single player campaign didnt BLOW me away. It wasn't anything special. Sure it had the most choice Graphics (my Video Card actually overheated and pretty much died when I put the settings on MAX. Im serious too) It was a glorious looking game (real time Grass Shadows) but the AI? Let's talk about the suit first. Those 4 functions, amazing! Theyre NEEDED in Multiplayer arent they? In SP... these idiotic tasks like 'STRENGTH - To jump up a rock that's 1mm higher than your normal jump can jump" or "STEALTH so you could snipe a dude on a turret from close range(r)"

MUNDANE TRIVIAL AND JUST PLAIN GAY. A tropical setting.. Far Cry with better graphics? HAHAH yes!

Now to the AI. That snow level in Warhead, 2 NK fags running into a cliff face (facing towards me) but like jogging on the spot. I could walk behind them continously without being seen. They kept on jogging into the cliff. ENOUGH SAID.

Is this the kind of game that could be awesome Multiplayer? I gave it a miss until Warhead came out. I bought it because a colleague said I SHOULD (peer pressure!) and well the Multiplayer is where it's at.
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PostSubject: Re: Gain of SP   Gain of SP EmptyMon May 18, 2009 2:41 am

the original crysis multiplayer was a FAR SUPERIOR multiplayer experience then the current wars.

they removed ALOT of the freedom that was in the original crysis and made Wars a more linear game.

the best way to play wars is to avoid 1v1's and just cherry pick everyone from the sides of the map with the scar and the no recoil or spread, if u tried to play wars the way u played crysis, u get way to frustrated and angry at the noobness of the current game.

players who still say they play rambo like in original crysis are full of shit, as u cannot play in the same style, even if u think u are, it just doesnt work.

i believe my clan FTW are going for a Original Crysis night this wednesday nite, feel free to come and play a better game Smile
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Gain of SP
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